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The Burnout Solution, 12 Weeks to a Calmer You

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Are You Stuck In Overwhelm?

We live in a world where busy is worn like a badge of honour

Are you constantly taking on too much?

Stuck in a cycle of overwhelm, stress, and overthinking?

Fighting a losing battle against self-doubt?

If despite all of your accomplishments, you’re still not at peace with yourself, you’re not alone. And you’re in the right place.

There’s flipside to success that can deeply affect smart, sensitive high performers.. The emotional depth and ambition that gives you your edge can also lead to self-doubt, low self-worth, burnout and overwhelm, and keep you from fully enjoying your career.

I help smart, sensitive, high performers like you get out of your own way. With my background in the corporate world and more recently as a Psychotherapist, I have the skills and tools to help you let go of perfectionism without fear, learn to communicate your needs confidently, re-ignite your passion for life, build your emotional resilience, and so much more.

“I’m here to help you go from stressed, self-doubting, and overwhelmed to confident and in control of your life and career.”

Many of my clients are more sensitive and emotionally aware than most people. They’re great at putting everyone else first their clients, bosses and families, but it can also make over thinking and overwhelm difficult. You may struggle to say no, take on too much, and be sick of living a life according to other people’s expectations. My clients work with me because I have the training and experience to push aside psychological roadblocks so you can have the success, peace of mind and happiness you deserve.

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The Burnout Solution

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What I Do

Resilience Coaching

A 12 week coaching program designed to support women, re-ignite their self-worth, build resilience and grow into their full potential.

Intensive Session

A 3 hour Intensive Coaching session to get you re-engaged with your goals. I will inspire you to think outside the box and help you create a plan!

Development Coaching

It is designed to teach smart, caring, high performing people strategies to help them create a happier, healthier, calmer and more positive life.

Speaking Events

Whether you are a company, conference, or even an event, get in touch with Siobhan to see how we can work together for your next event.

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