8 simple changes to make yourself more productive each day

1. Use your commute to learn new things

As tempting as it can be to spend your trip to work scrolling through umpteen Instagram pictures of delicately styled avocados from your friends’ brunch expeditions, your commute is a time that can so easily be spent wisely.

Think about switching off and trying a guided meditation on the app Headspace (takes 10mins), listening to an audiobook on productivity such as Richard Koch’s The 80/20 Principle or podcasts like TEDTalks or Stuff You Should Know to kick your brain into action.

2. Make an achievable to-do list each evening for the following day

This may seem like an obvious shout, but it’s one that not many of us adhere to each day. Achieving everything you need to starts being able to prioritise things into doable chunks or as I like to call it 'Bunching'.  Bunch specific tasks together and schedule time to tackle each 'bunch' ie check emails pre and post lunch rather than flitting into your inbox every 5mins!  Try dividing your tasks into before and after lunchtime.

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