Coaching & Courses


Working with me

I designed my Burnout Solution coaching program and series of online courses to help you go from feeling burnt-out, overwhelmed and lacking in self belief to stepping into a stronger frame of mind.

My programs have been built upon my personal experiences with burnout, as well as years of providing coaching and training as a accredited psychotherapist. 

You will learn to let go of habits that don’t work for you, create strong new ones, build upon the resilience you already have (even if you believe you don’t) and ensure you don’t get burnt out while juggling life.  

Knowing when to ask for help is next, and that is where I come in!

As you gain a greater understanding of the link between sleep, nutrition, exercise and clutter, you will become aware of the impact on your physical and emotional health. Learn how to apply simple cognitive behavioural strategies to reframe how you think and behave, and build your toolbox to stay calm under pressure personally and professionally.