Individual Sessions

Siobhan works face to face with private clients in her clinic where you can speak honestly and freely, in a confidential, safe and non-judgemental setting.  You can speak about the present, the past or the future or anything else that is causing you worry.  Siobhan also works via skype and phone with clients around the country and across the world.

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What to expect

Private clients come to see me a wide range of various reasons.  You may be at a cross-roads in your life or have feelings of being overwhelmed with your personal or professional circumstances.  You may be unclear where to go with your decision-making skills regarding your career or your relationship.  You may come to see me with a specific issue in mind and end up working through something entirely different, it’s my job to help you to identify what is actually holding you back.   


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first steps

At the initial consultation, I will look at certain areas of your life such as Career, Social Life, Relationships, Family Health, Personal Growth and Finance.  This can help identify more specifically what the issues are and what areas to address first.

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When I work one-to-one with clients it gives them the opportunity to explore issues in their lives and see how previous patterns of behaviour may have been holding them back and what can they do to change that.