The reasons why Siobhan gets booked as a speaker

Corporate and Private Audiences Love Her

With years of experience working with the likes of Sir Elton John, Managing the Irish Ronald McDonald Children’s Charity, heading the Communications Department of McDonalds Ireland among other careers, Siobhan uses her knowledge of different industries to deliver compelling motivational events.

Interactive Content

Hearing and watching Siobhan speak is never dull!  Using interactive tools to engage her audiences is what sets her apart from the crowd.

Real, honest stories

Siobhan weaves stories from her own life struggles and how she overcame difficult experiences such as alcohol dependency and raising boys as a single mother while working full-time in a global corporation.

Relatable and Accomodating

As someone who as learnt no two situations are the same, Siobhan will work hard to accomodate your requests whenever possible and will attend networking receptions and/or networking events that envolve your attendees and clients.

Actionable takeaways

It is Siobhan’s aim to ensure that your audience come away with actionable stratagies and takeaways they can implement into their lives immediately.

Inspirational Experiental Learning

Regardless of the size of your event, Siobhan will engage with your audience from both the stage and on the floor.  Her inspiring and honest humourous approach to communicate with your audience with have them engaged and relaxed immediately. 

Your best interests at heart

Having been through some fairly rough patches in her life, Siobhan wants to deliver the best she possibly can to you, your audience, your teams, sponsors and leaders so that they too can see how incredibly powerful making the right changes can be in bringing a better life.

Across the globe, from executives to teachers, boardrooms to packed venues, Siobhan will deliver an impactful message specifically for your audience.

Her events are quirky and inspiring, packed with actionable strategies to build confidence and create personal change to allow your audience to step away with a renewed sense of personal and professional power.

Below are topics Siobhan has created using her experience as a Psychotherapist, corporate development studies, neurological research and her own life experiences to deliver a unique event for your audience.


Siobhan uses riveting case studies and hilarious personal stories that will amaze and entertain you, all the while giving you the resources you need to soar. She leverages audience participation to demonstrate behaviour change. The lessons and tools can be applied immediately and your audience will leave feeling deeply inspired, empowered and equipped to tackle their professional and personal dreams.

Learning Objectives:

  • Be inspired and motivated to reach your true potential.
  • Discover what happens to your body and mind under continual stress.
  • Learn the three ways to stop Burnout, Recognise, Recovery and Resilience.
  • Practice the higher brain function that enables breakthrough performance.
  • Learn To Use Side Stepping Your Own BS To Alter How You Approach Life.


You’ll leave this motivational experience with key objectives for professional and personal growth, and the knowledge and inspiration to become the leader you want to be.

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify key areas to raise your leadership game.
  • Practice peer-to-peer coaching.
  • Discover the three traps every leader faces.
  • Examine the true power of constructive feedback.
  • Learn the secret to driving engagement and satisfaction with your team.
  • Takeaway the action steps necessary to create lasting behavioural change.


Siobhan will teach women executives what they need to know to raise their hand and participate, raise their voice and be heard, raise their professional game and be rewarded accordingly.

The greatest forces stopping women today are often self-imposed. This enlightening and highly interactive speech will help women raise their professional games and compete for their dreams.

Learning Objectives:

  • Demonstrate how to adopt a “Contender Mindset”.
  • Explore Visible vs. Invisible Work.
  • Introduce the Three Essential Questions Women Leaders Must Ask.
  • Illustrate the Importance of Failure and Imperfection.
  • Discover the power of “being a fan”.
  • Learn the New Principles of Success.


This is an eye-opening motivational experience that will help every type of audience become more effective and masterful communicators. Using different communication styles to highlight how conflict can arise, Siobhan delivers an eye-opening talk to change the way you communicate.

Learning Objectives:

  • The powerful role listening plays in effective communication.
  • Peer-to-peer communication exercises.
  • How the selfie has changed psychology and influence.
  • Discover how online behavior can improve your offline communication.
  • Learn how to package your ideas to break through the noise.
  • Explore the rise of “click baiting” online and what it means for offline communication.


Taking real case studies under the spotlight Siobhan will walk you step by step through the process of building resilience to work better and live better.

Learning Objectives:

  • The importance of rebuilding resilience.
  • How personal resilience builds professional resilience.
  • Learn how to understand your Core Values.
  • Living life according to your values.
  • Peer-to-peer exercises.

Praise from previous events

"Siobhan was our inspirational guest speaker at the annual Pink Afternoon fundraiser for breast cancer research at the Lodge at Ashford Castle yesterday. She impressed everyone in the room with her talk, her energy and enthusiasm, her humanity and her good humor. An emotional day for all. Thank you Siobhan..."
Orla Smithwick
Breast Cancer Research
"Siobhan recently participated in our International Women’s Day event involving 200 women from right across the organisation. The theme was Balance for Better and I cannot think of a better person to speak around this topic. Siobhan spoke openly and knowledgably about the challenge of finding balance in our lives. The feedback from the day we received was that Siobhan’s presentations were open, inclusive and equipped the women who attended with practical tools to make their lives calmer."
Jane Creegan
"I would recommend Siobhan highly for any corporate event, she is warm engaging, approachable and an excellent communicator."
Fiona Kelly
PA Executive Forum
"Siobhan spoke to our teachers and leadership team prior to the school year commencing, she equipped our team with tools and strategies to support them through the academic year. We can't wait till she comes back to speak to us!"
Art Sands
Headmaster, RMA, Florida