Private Coaching

1-to-1 Coaching

This Program Will Walk You Through The Steps To Build Resilience And Discover How You Can Overcome Overwhelm And Burnout So You Can Find Fulfilment And Access Your Next Level Of Success.

  • A Lifestyle Audit to help you overcome stress, fatigue and burnout — so you can FEEL and BE your best.
  • Trying to balance home, family, work, career, deadlines, personal finances, friends and extended family, — and the ever present curve balls that life throws us all the time is hard, it’s simply hard.
  • AND all of that multi-tasking and juggling has a cost that you’ve been steadfastly ignoring until now.

Can you Relate?

And can I ALSO add that in order to do this, you’ve got to start committing to you and start getting ‘SELFISH’.

It’s time to start prioritising you, your needs, and your own self-care and most importantly your self-kindness.

In this program, I’ll work with you one-to-one to create a plan that will get you back on track before you know it.

This is NOT about having more to do, this is about working out what your non-negotiables and your negotiables are in order to live a calmer life.

This is NOT about taking on even MORE in your life in order to feel better, my aim is to make this as simple as possible, what I like to call a Life Audit.

What's included?


  • Initial two hour video call intake session so we can focus and get clarity on what we need to focus on.·
  • 7 x 60 minute video call coaching sessions, with me to work through your blocks and guide you step-by-step through your Life Audit and creating the changes you need.
  • Action and accountability workbooks.
  • Bespoke hypnotherapy recordings if required.
  • Email support between sessions.
  • Additional Resource suggestions.

What will be covered?

My simple but powerful system is focussed on optimising your lifestyle to better fuel your physical, mental and emotional health.

Each session will unfold, based on YOUR needs and goals — typical areas that might be covered include:

  • Setting Your Sights
  • Getting clear on where you’re at, why you’re here and what’s been holding you back
  • Stripping it back to basics
  • Knowing where you want to go and why
  • Setting yourself up for success
  • Getting motivated
  • Elevating Your Energy
  • Lifestyle audit, routines, and habits
  • Make simple changes to get your energy


The investment for my Life Performance Program is currently €2,000 (payment plan option over three months available at no extra expense).

Siobhan has an ability to get to the core of issues very quickly! Within one session she had figured out my struggle with sleep (something I had spent years trying to sort out) which has reduced my stress and made work and family life much easier to navigate.

Tom*, Aviation

I was overwhelmed and stressed and permanently tired, beating myself up for not having enough energy to go for a simple walk. Siobhan devised a personal plan that gave me back control of how I was feeling and to start letting go of the guilt I seemed to be carrying around every day.

Jane*, Oncology Consultant

*names changed to protect identity