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Siobhan has shared her past experiences of life to encourage, motivate and inspired hundreds of people to live happier, successful and less stressful lives. Whether you are a company, conference, or event, get in touch to see how we can work together for your next event.


Siobhan is a natural born speaker and motivator. She empowers her audiences via humorous stories from her own fabulous journey of madness and mayhem to awesomeness and the tools and strategies she’s learned in 5+ years of coaching, speaking, writing and researching.

She’s shared her unique style of motivational humour with a variety of audiences, including private companies, health institutions, non-profits, schools and entrepreneurial groups.

Siobhan speaks on a vast range of topics. You can choose from one of her popular talks below or ask her to craft a presentation specific to your audience.

To enquire about Siobhan speaking at your next event please contact [email protected]

Siobhan is a natural speaker and motivator

Siobhan draws on her past life experiences and the numerous tools and techniques she has learnt along the way, adding her unique, engaging way of story telling.

Siobhan’s ability to speak to varied audience is what makes her presentations so unique.

Siobhan speaks about a wide range of topics. She will work with you to create a bespoke presentation specific to your audience.


Goal Setting – How To Make Any Goal a Reality

The 3 R’s of Burnout – Recognise, Recovery and Resilience

Be Your Change

7 Habits of High PERFORMING women -Breakthrough Fear, Doubt and Insecurity So You Can Achieve The Levels Of Happiness And Financial Success You Desire!

Self Kindness – The Beginning Of A Beautiful Love Story!

Where It All Went ‘Wrong’ To Go ‘Right’!

From Music Industry to Resilience Coach and Psychotherapist

Finding Your Value and Worth – The Power of Self Belief

Upcoming Events

Dublin – Siobhan Murray, Stress and Burnout Coach at The Breakfast Club !

Galway – Siobhan Murray, Stress and Burnout Coach at The Breakfast Club !

  • Very informative and helpful tips on mindfulness, I felt a lot of parellels and found Siobhán really interesting to listen to’. ‘Interesting, food for thought, fun and informative and very relevant topics, a lot to take away from this workshop’. ‘Will definitely be talking to my purple alien! Thought provoking, very open, candid and delivered very well’. ‘Very insightful; absolute reminder of what our priorities should be’. ‘Great reminder of what we need to do. In this busy world very important to take time out’. ‘Excellent advice - I will be using the phone basket and the purple alien!’ ‘Excellent talk, could listen to Siobhan all day. Inspiring and so beneficial with the world we live in’. ‘Relevant, authetic and genuine. Amazing and extremely informative, 10/10 for Siobhan Murray’. ‘Very engaging and I loved the humour’.”

    PA Executive Forum
  • “‘2 years ago I quit my job that I thought was my dream job, moved home and hadn’t a clue what I was going to do with my life. After over a year of going back and forth over ideas on what to do, half-heartedly doing job interviews and just over all anxious and lost, I was introduced to Siobhan to help me make sense of why I was feeling this way. After a few weekly sessions she helped me ‘organise’ my brain. I started feeling a huge weight off my shoulders and the cloud of jog slowly started to shift. My negative outlook on life started to change and I started thinking and believing about the opportunities that were ahead of me. Siobhan instilled confidence in me that my friends and family couldn’t, sometimes you need an outside voice to help you, someone unbiased to your situation. I went into job interviews with a different outlook and stopped putting so much pressure on myself. I had a different mind-set that I didn’t have before. I then got the dream job (it worked out this time!) and couldn’t be happier. I still practice what Siobhan taught me from our sessions and think back at her wise words of wisdom and advice. I would recommend Siobhan to anyone going through a difficult or confusing time, she not only is incredibly intelligent, she is a wonderfully kind and caring person. 6 out of 5 stars!’ ”

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