I have been asked many times what Twisting the Jar means, so in light of this and to dispel confusion let me explain!

 Twisting the Jar was born out of my my love of seeing how changing my own behaviour and taking full personal responsibility for events that had happened in my life.   I liken this to the definition of  Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.  

  The name Twisting the Jar was inspired by my mother.   I vividly remember a conversation with her when I was about seventeen year old, she was by then well on her recovery journey after her ruptured aneurysm but still left slightly weaker on her left side.  She was trying to open to a jar of sauce and didn’t have the power in her wrist to ‘twist’ it open.  She asked me to and being the somewhat grumpy teenager that I was I grunted something negative in response, she smiled sweetly (I think!) and said, ‘visualise yourself twisting the jar open’.  I did. And the jar opened. To this day, I use the same technique to open jars!  HOWEVER, there are more ways to twist the jar open,

1. Stab the top with a knife and release the air,

2. Run under hot water,

3. Bang on the edge of the counter or

4. ask someone to help you! 

The moral is don’t think that when you attempt something and it doesn’t work that you have to give up, look at the issue from a different perspective, try something new, ask for help, be open to new ways of changing your behaviour to get to your end goal or even your starting goal.  When I work one-to-one with clients it gives them the opportunity to explore issues in their lives and see how previous patterns of behaviour may have been holding them back and what can they do to change that.  Working with corporate clients I deliver bespoke workshops which can run over one or more days as well as delivering lunch-time talks on how changes in behaviours and communication styles can have positive impacts on our lives.  


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