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I have the solution for you to go from feeling stuck, overwhelmed and lacking in self belief to stepping into a stronger frame of mind.

My Services

12 Week Coaching Program

My 12 Week Bespoke 1:1 Resilience Coaching and Mentoring Program is designed to:

  • Dig deep so you can get you clarity on your desires, goals and visions.
  • Create actionable goals for your personal and professional life.
  • Unlock limiting self-beliefs and negative mindsets that have been keeping you in fear.
  • Re-ignite your passion for life and living.
  • Teach strategies and systems you can implement personally and professionally.
  • Focus on results that are achievable.

Intensive Coaching

My Intensive Coaching Sessions are about giving yourself permission to explore what you really truly desire in your personal or professional life, learning how to get there and creating an actionable plan. It is:

  •  3 hours of your time devoted purely to you.
  • An opportunity for you to unpack hidden ideas and get clarity on what you may already be doing but find yourself struggling with.
  • Learn simple strategies to reset your resilience.
  • Spend focused time brainstorming your next move.
  • Includes an Intensive Welcome Pack to plan out your coaching session and a 30 minute pre-call to ensure you get the most out of our time together.
  • Intensive Coaching Sessions take place via Zoom or Skype.

When you go into an intensive coaching session you are investing in you!

Development Coaching

Development Coaching sessions are weekly sessions where you are free to work at your own pace through areas of your personal and professional life that you may be struggling with. Development Coaching allows you the space to explore current mindsets, beliefs and behaviours that you would like to change.

Ready for a change? Let’s talk.

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We’ll talk about how you feel now, and the mindset shifts you’d like to make.

Why Work with me?

The Professional Stuff

  • I’m a fully accredited Psychotherapist, Certified Life Coach and Master NLP Practitioner
  • I hold an honours degree in Counselling and Psychotherapy
  • I lecture on Positive Psychology
  • I regularly speak at events on burnout, stress, positive mindset and building emotional resilience
  • As an adult over achiever I’m constantly researching new ways to help and support my clients

Coaching is about more than just credentials. It requires trust. The personal qualities I have that my clients say enable their comfort and openness to the process are:

  • I’m disciplined – I have a natural talent for bringing structure to complex situations. You’ll walk away from our sessions with practical action steps.
  • I’m an empath – I’m a sensitive person and deeply attuned to your emotions. My clients say I have a knack for getting to the source of problems quickly–and shifting you into action even faster.
  • I’m an individualist – You’ll never get generic, one-size-fits-all advice from me. I work at creating the solutions focused on the exact results you want to achieve.
  • I’m responsible – I value honesty, loyalty, and integrity. our personal sessions are 100% private.
  • I care – I truly care about helping you create a life and career that aligns with your personality and strengths.

I’m here to help you go from stressed, self-doubting, and overwhelmed to confident and in control of your life and career

  • Very informative and helpful tips on mindfulness, I felt a lot of parellels and found Siobhán really interesting to listen to’. ‘Interesting, food for thought, fun and informative and very relevant topics, a lot to take away from this workshop’. ‘Will definitely be talking to my purple alien! Thought provoking, very open, candid and delivered very well’. ‘Very insightful; absolute reminder of what our priorities should be’. ‘Great reminder of what we need to do. In this busy world very important to take time out’. ‘Excellent advice - I will be using the phone basket and the purple alien!’ ‘Excellent talk, could listen to Siobhan all day. Inspiring and so beneficial with the world we live in’. ‘Relevant, authetic and genuine. Amazing and extremely informative, 10/10 for Siobhan Murray’. ‘Very engaging and I loved the humour’.”

    PA Executive Forum
  • “‘2 years ago I quit my job that I thought was my dream job, moved home and hadn’t a clue what I was going to do with my life. After over a year of going back and forth over ideas on what to do, half-heartedly doing job interviews and just over all anxious and lost, I was introduced to Siobhan to help me make sense of why I was feeling this way. After a few weekly sessions she helped me ‘organise’ my brain. I started feeling a huge weight off my shoulders and the cloud of jog slowly started to shift. My negative outlook on life started to change and I started thinking and believing about the opportunities that were ahead of me. Siobhan instilled confidence in me that my friends and family couldn’t, sometimes you need an outside voice to help you, someone unbiased to your situation. I went into job interviews with a different outlook and stopped putting so much pressure on myself. I had a different mind-set that I didn’t have before. I then got the dream job (it worked out this time!) and couldn’t be happier. I still practice what Siobhan taught me from our sessions and think back at her wise words of wisdom and advice. I would recommend Siobhan to anyone going through a difficult or confusing time, she not only is incredibly intelligent, she is a wonderfully kind and caring person. 6 out of 5 stars!’ ”

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